Who & What

I've been in the art industry professionally, since roughly 1998. In 2003, after a stint in the film and television world, I made my move to video games. This was a scary new challenge, and the excitement of getting involved in the industry that first made me fall in love with art was too much to pass up.

Having been a gamer, game maker and film making enthusiast most of my life, the challenge of making film-quality VFX render in real time has always been what drives me. It still does. Even if it's only recently that the world of game tech is approaching the quality of film.

The fun part about being a VFX artist is that you need to have technical skills on par with art skills. I've always been a tech guy. It started with building my first computer when I was 12, moving on to hacking games in hex editors and then teaching myself logic and VESA programming in DOS. All of that enables me to easily communicate with programmers and artists alike. Throughout my career, I've helped create several tools at various companies to facilitate the creation of VFX and cinematics. My early experience in film and the love of making them has helped me tremendously with tools & pipeline development. I spend a lot of time trying to create the best products with the least amount of required people. This sort of thinking always leads to smarter tools and better ways to use the tools we have.

I've learned so many amazing things since I started, technically and artistically. This industry just keeps getting more and more awesome. I can only imagine what the future of technology has in store for us and I want to be at the head of the pack when film and games finally travel the same road at the same speed.

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